Nikki & Westin

A couple of months ago I had the honor of shooting what felt like my first "big time" wedding. Nikki and I met several years ago when she joined my beloved college a capella group the year after I graduated and I became the self-proclaimed "stage mom" of the group. Nikki is one of those people that you just feel better being around. She has the most gentle, kind, and fun-loving spirit, and paired with Westin's great sense of humor and loving heart, they make one amazing power couple. I loved that at their engagement session, Westin made Nikki laugh the entire time. I loved that even though Westin might not like to smile with his teeth in pictures, that he was never afraid to show emotion in the moments that mattered, and that every hug that he gives is a full on, total embrace, head nuzzled in someone's neck kind of hug. I loved that when I went in to grab Nikki to have a moment with her groom before the ceremony that I found her playing piano and worshipping with her bridesmaids. I love how much their two families already knew and loved each other. And I love that the whole day felt both like the joyful culmination of a long time of waiting and also of a hopeful new beginning. 

They (along with my second shooter, Annessa) made me feel brave and encouraged to take a step forward in my own journey by trusting me to be a part of theirs. It was a glorious, joy-filled day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Haas!