Containers of Paradox

I am a walking paradox. Life is full of paradox. In order to do almost anything in life we have to make amends with paradox. Faith, in essence, is a paradox. we move in the darkness toward something we cannot see, but when we move we see it just a little more. We must learn to live inside of it, in the space in between reason and mystery, life and death, light and dark. Even in the practical realms we learn its importance, like acting out of courage in the midst of our own fears, loving someone who hurt you or needing rest in order to succeed. Within all of these exist an element of paradox. I think one of the biggest issues people presently deal with is never being able to deal with or fully embrace their own paradoxes. For example: We can’t bear to admit that we are good, so we heap self-depravity on ourselves and others. Or it is the opposite. We can’t bear to admit that there is bad in people, so we label everyone in blissful ignorance as wonderful people.


We hold the good and the bad

the joy and the sorrow

We hold the tension

Can you admit that rage and love exist within us all?

These thoughts are in part the message of my latest single “Oxymora”