Containers of Paradox

I am a walking paradox. Life is full of paradox. In order to do almost anything in life we have to make amends with paradox. Faith, in essence, is a paradox. we move in the darkness toward something we cannot see, but when we move we see it just a little more. We must learn to live inside of it, in the space in between reason and mystery, life and death, light and dark. Even in the practical realms we learn its importance, like acting out of courage in the midst of our own fears, loving someone who hurt you or needing rest in order to succeed. Within all of these exist an element of paradox. I think one of the biggest issues people presently deal with is never being able to deal with or fully embrace their own paradoxes. For example: We can’t bear to admit that we are good, so we heap self-depravity on ourselves and others. Or it is the opposite. We can’t bear to admit that there is bad in people, so we label everyone in blissful ignorance as wonderful people.


We hold the good and the bad

the joy and the sorrow

We hold the tension

Can you admit that rage and love exist within us all?

These thoughts are in part the message of my latest single “Oxymora”

Tyler & Ashley

Spring is here! You really could not have beat Saturday for a gorgeous spring wedding in the mountains. I had the pleasure of documenting Tyler and Ashley tying the knot at Champion Hills in Hendersonville, NC - complete with a gorgeous mountain view, clear skies, southern BBQ, and lots of love. What I look forward to the most about a wedding day is the pure joy. The stress of months of planning somehow melts away when it comes down to that moment you finally get to marry your best friend. You could see that joy all over Tyler and Ashley and their families on Saturday. You could see their love for one another, their friendship, and the way they love the people that came to celebrate with them in every moment. Congratulations Team Tash! Cheers to many years of that joy!

Collin & Leann

Saturday I had the honor of capturing the marriage of two of my friends, Collin and Leann. Their wedding day from beginning to end was sweet, simple, laid-back, and was filled with some favorite people and favorite things. Liiiike my hubby playing guitar. And Local Lion coffee and doughnuts and catering from Stick Boy Kitchen (two of my favorite places in town - drooling thinking about it). And cute babies eating said doughnuts. And a great venue with beautiful light... and farm animals. And lots of love and lots of joy. Here's a little peek of their day in a nutshell. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Waldron!

Venue: 16 Hands Farm, West Jefferson, NC  |  Doughnuts + Coffee: Local Lion, Boone, NC  |  Catering: Stick Boy Kitchen, Boone, NC  |  Cake: Stick Boy Bakery, Boone, NC  |  Flowers: Natasha Coan @ Foraged + Cut |  Hair + Makeup: Haircut 101, Boone, NC  |  Hand-lettered Decor: Alpine Paper Co. 


Nikki & Westin

A couple of months ago I had the honor of shooting what felt like my first "big time" wedding. Nikki and I met several years ago when she joined my beloved college a capella group the year after I graduated and I became the self-proclaimed "stage mom" of the group. Nikki is one of those people that you just feel better being around. She has the most gentle, kind, and fun-loving spirit, and paired with Westin's great sense of humor and loving heart, they make one amazing power couple. I loved that at their engagement session, Westin made Nikki laugh the entire time. I loved that even though Westin might not like to smile with his teeth in pictures, that he was never afraid to show emotion in the moments that mattered, and that every hug that he gives is a full on, total embrace, head nuzzled in someone's neck kind of hug. I loved that when I went in to grab Nikki to have a moment with her groom before the ceremony that I found her playing piano and worshipping with her bridesmaids. I love how much their two families already knew and loved each other. And I love that the whole day felt both like the joyful culmination of a long time of waiting and also of a hopeful new beginning. 

They (along with my second shooter, Annessa) made me feel brave and encouraged to take a step forward in my own journey by trusting me to be a part of theirs. It was a glorious, joy-filled day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Haas!